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Lack of work?

We at LMTleads understand that the roof is one of the most important investments in the house. We help you keep the roof over many people's heads.

"The roof looks after you, so look after it too"

I don't know if this suits my business

LMTleads... what is that?

LMTleadsis a digital marketing company from Norway that helps roofing companies like yours get more sales/customers with the help of social media 

What do LMTleads do?

After seeing the power of social media we use it as an advantage for roofing companies to reach out to more people and get a wider sales volume. 

Why would I work with LMTleads?

The LMTleads team works day and night, holidays and weekends to increase your sales and jobs. The team is made of people with a burning desire to help businesses grow

How do we do it?

You're probably curious about how we accomplish this. Let me explain it to you in a simple way.

Your goals

We listen to your ambitions and goals to scale and help you achieve them.

Strategic and Financial Strategy

We create a strategic plan that helps you achieve your goals


We frequently conduct brief meetings with you to review results and identify improvement opportunities for optimal outcomes.

I want a meeting!

Book a free 10-15 minutes consultation to check if we can help your business 

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